Kitchen way of living

Kitchen way of Living

Kitchen & Living with a sartorial soul.
The craft industry of the contemporary living, made in Venice




What is a Zampieri Home?

A place where you meet, you stay with your family (close to your dearest loved ones), but also the natural dimension to get, stay, prepare, eat together with friends. A beating heart, an emotional space, a convivial centre where you can share passions and tastes, but also the children’s favourite place to do the homework and for adults who always find the right corner to use the computer.

Materials and essences

Sartorial materials

Endless customisation options in the exclusive corner Zampieri Lab from our retailers.



Metal finishings come from a cycle of artisanal-style paintings that includes the use of paintings with metal powder of different kinds in accordance to
the color effect to achieve.


Each stone cannot match with others of the same kind and makes any detail of the kitchen unique. Find out our essences in the Zampieri collection.






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A careful selection of materials, finishes, technical-constructive details and new processes that further implement our furnishing programs, creating environments that are increasingly high performance, long-lasting and suitable for today's living needs.




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