The refined and sartorial taste

Over time Zampieri has maintained and developed the ability to implement projects profoundly characterized by a contemporary design and a very flexible manufacturing process. Even the smallest of details is customizable to satisfy the taste and necessities of each client, retailer and interior designer. Every idea can become reality and the secret is the company’s perfect match between research, technology and craftsmanship.

From the tailored cuts of backboards and metal drawers, to the painting: all the manufacture is made in-house to ensure higher standards in terms of quality and timings.

Thanks to a lot of professionals always doing their best, kitchens and now living furnishings take shape incorporating an added value that it’s impossible to express just through numbers.

The wide range of available materials and finishes, the remarkable modularity of the pieces, the possibility to carry out handmade jobs and most importantly the time that can be dedicated to each project are the factors making this company a proper style laboratory able to grant every wish in terms of aesthetics, quality and functionality. An atelier that creates furniture with essential and rigorous lines, dressing the daily life with contemporary and refined elegance.



Highly qualified and specialized Italian artisan workshops.

Zampieri’s aesthetic research aims to create innovative products, leaving more and more room to creativity in the realm of customisation. The excellent quality of the product is strongly based on the Made in Italy philosophy and on the skilled local craftsmanship. The company takes direct responsibility of the selection and purchase of the raw materials through the collaboration with the best Italian suppliers, which are selected on the basis of the high quality, reliability and ability of innovation of the supplied materials. Every design in the collection displays a contemporary take in the craftsmanship, making each piece a perfect match between tradition and innovation.

Made to measure

The Made to Measure Zampieri is an exclusive service that combines "tailor made" tradition and modernity, offering the opportunity to manufacture kitchens and living areas made to measure. The Made to Measure service enables each customer to personalize finishes and details with a wide range of variations and combinations, so to create a different product for every taste.

Italian Artisanship

The celebrated Italian Artisanship explains the beauty of our products and embraces our culture and our identity. To be recognized as "artisan industrialists" has a significant value, and the entire world is fascinated by the products of our land, the care in the choice of the raw materials, and the research in high quality and creativity throughout the entire productive cycle.

High quality materials

Materials are used as basic value in a continuous exploration of new opportunities to differentiate and enhance the range of initiatives that characterize the object and encourage the convergence between the traditional craftsmanship and the taste for experimentation, the very focus of contemporary design.

Assistance and reliability

Amongst a wide range of variables, reliability is one certainty: rapid response to customer requests, from samples of materials to replacements, constant checks on orders to avoid any errors ... In a constantly changing business, we are always on the customers’ side. Because our gratification comes from their success.