Made in Italy

innovation and traditions 


From artisan company to niche industry for the high end of the market: this way, for over fifty years, Zampieri has developed itself and evolved so much that today, under the guide of the second generation, it can fairly consider itself as one of the most interesting industry of the italian panorama in the production of highly-personizable kitchens, from the formal research to the project.

Curiosity, perseverance and creative attitude: a mix of love and labor, where the mood of always asking questions is the capacity of giving answers based on a hold steady work, researching new materials crafted with the most modern technologies; where pleasure of design serves both the beauty and the functional aspects, for a fast changing world.

A "natural" recipe for "special" rooms.
An artisan industry with entrepreneurship direction and vision.





The Italian Kitchen

Equally balancing innovation and self-identity taste, Zampieri’s projects are a rigorous expression of the "Made in Italy" philosophy. The attention and carefulness put in the manufacturing of the product are conveyed through the quality of the materials used, the tailoring, the high standard craftsmanship, and a constant and meticulous quality control throughout the whole production process.
The simple although contemporary style, the capability to meet the needs of retailers and interior designers and the creativity and exclusivity that distinguish our products allow us to create a range embracing every consumer’s taste.