Once again, Zampieri’s constant research strives to exceed the traditional boundaries of kitchen furniture by exploring new areas of interventions with a view to perfecting and coordinating, continuously, the completeness and competitiveness of its offer. KL is the new proposal by Stefano Cavazzana for the living room, created from the reflections of the designer on the company’s design philosophy: research of materials and technologies linked to innovative aesthetics yet never losing sight of functionality. This is the reason why KL can be define as an eclectic and transversal furniture range. Eclectic because it consists of basic elements that adapt to any situation and which, set up in various ways, allow for different compositions to be developed in the space, assuming a thousand different meaning and faces; this ecletic nature is also reflected in a range of options in term of finishes, like the innovative cement resin, wood or lacquers. Transversal because it adapts to all rooms of the home, managing to furnish both the kitchen area (it shares with the K kitchen range, along with its name and finishes, also some compositional elements) and the dining room and lounge, where it finds its ideal home, managing to satisfy the requirement to create bookcase spaces, corners for the home office, along with connecting areas between the various areas. KL is a wall system with a linear, and at the same time dynamic, design which, in addition to providing versatility of use, creates a pleasing visual play. The system is split into wall panels, cabinets and shelves of various shapes and sizes which, put together in different ways, allow you to create floor configurations or hanging arrangements with great functionality and sophistication.