LineK, a cooking&living furniture project in constant evolution, is the response in compositional key to the new dynamics of everyday living. The contemporary rhythms, together with the dynamic needs of our times, influence the environments in which we live and LineK has managed to interpret these new requirements: from a kitchen fitting to a true kitchen environment. The composition space develops to become an integrated and integrating part of the living area. The kitchen blends harmoniously with the living area, responding to current trends, thanks to the common elements with the KL programme, abandoning the traditional vertical approach that characterises the kitchen and creating new layouts that bring out a side of the kitchen that is usually unused. The programme has been enhanced with “under-unit” modules that allow you to play with the volumes to create changes of depth and create asymmetrical compositions. LineK is renewed by presenting a new material: cement resin, a high tech product proposed in a various finishes. Special processing of the resin makes it compact and elastic and at the same time resistant to compression. Its low porosity make it exceptionally waterproof. The colours of the resin that make up the doors and work surfaces blend perfectly with the surface materials, warm in the boarding oak wood with antique effect or with plays on light in the new tones of the lacquered finishes. Close attention to detail is reflected in the careful choice of interiors proposed with new finishes, combined with the design of the project and the offer of materials.