Kitchen way of living


Zampieri expands its horizons and today’s living perspectives with the versatile Irori collection, kitchen and living, a perfect synthesis of aesthetic and functionality where design tends to remove the superfluous in homage to the pure beauty of lines and materials.
Inspired to the ancient domestic Japanese fireplace from which it takes its name and clear and rigorous design, the Irori program is characterized by great transversality and dynamic use and from the peculiar possibility to enlarge and join the kitchen and living area. The typical styles of Japanese furniture, in fact, are resumed in the harmonic adaptability of Irori to satisfy the different needs that follow one another during the day.
The concept develops through building blocks which are destructured from the many compositional possibilities that promote the fluidity of aesthetics and enjoyment of the different rooms of the house. The door, with the new thick of 8 mm, is proposed with groove or with customizable handles: the two options can coexist harmoniously respecting the essential style of the collection.
With Irori the furniture adapt to new spaces and new ways of living the kitchen that now is even more one with the living room, becoming also a workspace.
Transversal and versatile soul, Irori in fact opens to innovative tables on wheels available for different functions and easy to move when used for lunch; table blocks for half equipped with hob and sink, and the other half with snack boards for lunch/work, solutions with libraries and cabinets for the living zone with modules for television. Everything tailor-made, with attention to detail and artisan care of Zampieri Home.



The Irori program includes two types of door, the first with aluminium handle in two finishes black and titanium, the second includes the groove that creates the opening space.


The kitchen doors differ significantly on the technical properties, Irori proposes an innovative door with a high technological content and a strong visual impact. Door with 0,8 cm thick composed by MDF panel, plated with aluminium sheets and edged in all sides.



The Irori bookcase is available in the version with fixing on wall or ceiling, made with tubulars in lacquered metal in finishing satinated black or satinated titanium. The structure is composed by modular uprights with adjustable height from 170 cm with fixing on wall, and 260 cm with fixing on wall or ceiling. The modules of the crosspieces have four widths 60/75/90/120 cm, on which it’s possible to put shelves or open elements with door in different finishes.


The system with the Irori tables is the perfect collection to organize, live and make not only the kitchen functional but also the domestic spaces that, never before, become real places of conviviality and on occasion also working spaces. Solutions of tables with wheels or fixed leg, fixed structure or tailor-made to offer a wide flexibility of use and composition, as well as organization, to satisfy any situation of contemporary living.