Kitchen way of living


Line, by Stefano Cavazzana, is a scheme designed to feature sheer formal elegance and to update base units in contemporary kitchens, with plain doors and handles, providing original and innovative solutions for kitchens with great appeal. Refined, technological and sensational are the dictates of Zampieri philosophy, which means furnishing the kitchens in harmony with day-to-day living. The kitchen has now more than ever become the room for the latest trends and a privileged place of contemporary lifestyle. Line with the solid elegance and subtle sophistication is the perfect example of this new style. Each line arrangement features a design detail, an aluminium handle that adds a vertical line to further embellish its thick doors, elegantly designed tops that allow household appliances to be flush fitted, storage cupboards designed to store and organize space, and glass doors with new finishes and design. Everything emphasises the great care and attention taken to provide a rational and new solution for even the smallest detail. Each element shows original innovative design for a kitchen, where cooking is just one of the possible activities.