Kitchen way of living


What marks Zampieri collections, that's the project coherency, the design and the preciousness of the finishings, is in the most innovative elements of this collection and underline a contemporary and grown-up personality.
XP is characterized by its highly technological door with the Zampieri designed black oxidized aluminium frame that contains a 4 mm thick panel, and this allows to have a light but strong door at the same time.
Various are the materials that cover the central panel: from glass to veneers, from lacquers to melamine and Pewter finished steel.
With a strong visual impact and of high functionality are the “XPlain” open elements: made of aluminium, can be leaned on islands as well as fitted against the walls, and have canals that can be equipped with kitchen accessories
To open the base units you can use the upper horizontal L- shaped profile, while the same profile but in vertical position is for the wall units. For the tall units use the upright innovative handle XPline with a semicircular design, that is along the entire length of the door and guarantees an ergonomic grab and at the same time prettifies the design of the door.
New materials  are also  introduced  as far as worktops are concerned, as the Pacific Grey natural quartzite, a strong but elegant stone, whose charming grey becomes dynamic thanks  to the texture and various nuances.
XP concept is extended to the living room area, that has the same linear design and finishings, giving the heart of the house a refined and high tech look.