Kitchen way of living

Transition of creativity

Creativity lies in transition: transition between generations. 
Harmonious, conscious, rich in experiences and in intuitions.

Paolo Zampieri

The strength of Paolo Zampieri, second generation of the family, has been to make industry the artisanal heritage created by Gino Zampieri in the 60's: a new kind of industry.

Paolo has built a body of expertise on the artisanal soul, the spirit with which it all began, based on organization, planning, research and design.

His vision has expanded, new markets have opened up and stable collaborations with various Designers were born.

So, he has enriched and expanded the boundaries of his Kitchen heritage, seamlessly opening to a Living, with a unique capacity of a tailoring service, strengthened by a solid and reliable structure.

Tecnologia, artigianalità
Respiro contemporaneo

An artisanal industry, capable of enhancing and completing the original DNA, exclusive and inimitable.

The spirit that created the spark and that today is a fire fuelled by passion and curiosity to renew, compete, improve.