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Store Milano /  Molino48

Molino 48

During the MADE Expo, Thursday October 3rd 2013, Molino48 with Zampieri Cucine introduced the new flagship store in Milan, Street Molino delle Armi 48, so it was born like this in Milan, "Zampieri Cucine & Living". It’s an exclusive space managed by Davide Candia and designed by Stefano Cavazzana, located in the heart of the international design capital, that tries to recreate the atmosphere of the typical taste conceived by Zampieri Cucine. The project of the store has change the old structure of the shop to a new life, the arcades that were hidden behind walls, now are value by lights. The perimetrals walls can support the kitchens without changing the structure of the shop, and the perimetrals lights, can light up the whole store and the walls are been eliminated to give more depth and to bring out the two arcades in the end of the shop. Thanks to a twenty-year experience and to the passion and the competence of the whole staff of Molino48, every project is a special work, studied in every detail, where the creativity is supported by the quality of the materials.

Molino48 - Zampieri Store

Via Molino Delle Armi 48
20123 Milano
T. +39 02 58106262



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Store Roma / Venanzi Interiors



Opened in oct 2017 in rome,via anastasio ii 313, venanzi interiors, one of the most remarkable  crossroads for design in town,  shows proposals of kitchens aimed to demanding customers, attracted and interested in innovative materials,details and finishings and looking for the most updated concepts in contemporary design.An exclusive space, designed by arch stefano cavazzana, with ,the brand zampieri as the only one actor." our partneship -says claudio venanzi, owner of this roman showroom -has grown stronger and stronger throughout the years with mutual satisfaction thanks to the affinities of our companies: neverending search for the best quality and service,  focused on the trends of the market .Our customers are for the most innovative and refined collections  but demand to have a tailor-made product that may show the uniqueness of the project ".At venanzi interiors some of the best selling models of the venetian company are displayed  and this store is going to be one of the main stores in rome for zampieri, an important space where the kitchens by zampieri can show their qualities at the top and the  mood that characterises any  collection.


Venanzi Interiors - Zampieri Store

Via Anastasio II, 313 - 20123 Roma
T. +39 06 39749344 | E.

 Venanzi Interiors

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