Kitchen way of living

2_ Irori LINKED / Pranzo e studio Moodboard

2_ Irori LINKED / Lunch and Study Moodboard: Laquered Tundra, Eucaliptus, Metalsatin dark bronze and metallic lacquered tubular satinated black.

  • Cabinet and doors lacquered Tundra, black satinated handle.
  • Irori bookcase and Table: shelves open compartments and table worktop in Eucaliptus, structure with metallic lacquered tubular satinated black.
  • SideTall units Tailor with Insertion in lacquered Metalsatin dark bronze.

Autumn Mood

Autumn Mood: Strip Volcano Oak, Marble Stonethica Grey Stone, Tundra laquered, satinated laquered black metal.

Focus Multilignum

Zampieri Cucine dedicates the first brochure with insights about Materials and Finishes to the collection Multilignum, a range of 17 precious essences, as a result of our continuous research, a ver...