2_ Y Living. Moodboard

2_ Y Living Moodboard: Metalsatin Brass, Vintage Thermal Oak, Laminam Pietra Piasentina Brown.

- Floor-standing base units and open closets: Metalsatin Brass.
- Wall units and doors: Vintage Thermal Oak.
- Top, backrests and wall cladding backrests: Laminam Pietra Piasentina Brown.

Focus Multilignum

Zampieri Cucine dedicates the first brochure with insights about Materials and Finishes to the collection Multilignum, a range of 17 precious essences, as a result of our continuous research, a ver...

Casa Zampieri

Casa Zampieri shows a refined, organised and technological kitchen that opens up to a highly customizable and trendy living room.

4_ Axis Living. Moodboard

4_ Axis Living. Moodboard: Microlam Brown Oak, satinized Titanium, smoked glass, Metal Satin Bronze, Inalco Jasper, Microlam Metal Satin Bronze, Wallpaper Zampieri by Londonart silver Kanda.