3_ AXIS Living. Moodboard

3_ AXIS Living. Moodboard: Inalco Geo, Microlam Satin Centauri, Microlam Satin Bronze, Microlam Carbon Oak, Iron Slate.

1. Ground top and backrest: Inalco Geo
2. Bases and suspended bases: Microlam Satin Centauri 
3. Backrests: Microlam Satin Bronze
4. Wall units, backrests and side wall cladding backrests: Microlam Carbon Oak
5. Table: Metal frame and Iron Slate top.

4_ Axis Living. Moodboard

4_ Axis Living. Moodboard: Microlam Brown Oak, satinized Titanium, smoked glass, Metal Satin Bronze, Inalco Jasper, Microlam Metal Satin Bronze, Wallpaper Zampieri by Londonart silver Kanda.