3_Axis Kitchen. Moodboard

3_Axis Kitchen. Moodboard: Microlam Satin Centauri, Inalco Geo, Slate Iron, Microlam Carbon Oak, Microlam Satin Bronze.

- Bases with Microlam Satin Centauri door and Satin black gully.
- Top, slim back and hips in Inalco Geo.
- Snack top composed of Metal frame and Slate Iron top.
- Wall Units and Columns in Microlam Carbon Oak.
- Asymm Backrests in Microlam Satin Bronze with Slate Iron Slim Shelves.

Paolo Zampieri

The history of Zampieri Cucine is the tale of a generational transition, capable of maintaining the value and exclusivity of the artisanal tradition, combining it with a vision based on organizatio...

Irori - Highlight

The Irori program is characterized by great transversality and dynamic use and from the peculiar possibility to enlarge and join the kitchen and living area.

Y Highlight

Y collection arises from the desire to break classic constituent patterns going beyond the strict base alignments, allowing an alternation of rhythms in continuous evolution.