Kitchen way of living

5_ LINE Kitchen - Moodboard

5_ LINE Kitchen Moodboard: whitened Canaletto Walnut, hemp cement lacquered, Porphyry stone, Iron Titanium.

- Bases with whitened Canaletto Walnut door.
- Sink, tops and backrests in grey Porphyry stone. Whitened Canaletto Walnut Big Shelves.
- Columns with hemp cement lacquered door.
- Island with whitened Canaletto Walnut door.
- Snack in Whitened Canaletto Walnut with "Plank" Iron Titanium leg.
- Side cladding backrests in lacquered hemp cement.

Autumn Mood

Autumn Mood: Strip Volcano Oak, Marble Stonethica Grey Stone, Tundra laquered, satinated laquered black metal.

Focus Multilignum

Zampieri Cucine dedicates the first brochure with insights about Materials and Finishes to the collection Multilignum, a range of 17 precious essences, as a result of our continuous research, a ver...

Casa Zampieri

Casa Zampieri shows a refined, organised and technological kitchen that opens up to a highly customizable and trendy living room.