5_ LINE Kitchen - Moodboard

5_ LINE Kitchen Moodboard: whitened Canaletto Walnut, hemp cement lacquered, Porphyry stone, Iron Titanium.

- Bases with whitened Canaletto Walnut door.
- Sink, tops and backrests in grey Porphyry stone. Whitened Canaletto Walnut Big Shelves.
- Columns with hemp cement lacquered door.
- Island with whitened Canaletto Walnut door.
- Snack in Whitened Canaletto Walnut with "Plank" Iron Titanium leg.
- Side cladding backrests in lacquered hemp cement.

Autumn Mood

Autumn Mood: Strip Volcano Oak, Marble Stonethica Grey Stone, Tundra laquered, satinated laquered black metal.