Kitchen way of living

Irori 2.1_CORNER - Mood Board

Inalco Vint, Oxidized natural oak and metallic lacquered tubular satinated titanium.

1. Base units, worktop, doors and back panel, Inalco Vint. 
2. Back panel with led backlit shelves, worktop and shelves Oxidized natural oak.
3. Tailor side tall units with insertion door, Boiserie, door in Oxidized natural oak, titanium handle. Boiserie in Oxidized natural strip oak. 
4. Irori table with worktop Oxidized natural strip oak, structure with metallic lacquered tubular satinated titanium, with wheels. 
5. Irori bookcase, structure with metallic lacquered tubular satinated titanium, shelves and open compartments in Oxidized natural oak.

Paolo Zampieri

The history of Zampieri Cucine is the tale of a generational transition, capable of maintaining the value and exclusivity of the artisanal tradition, combining it with a vision based on organizatio...

Irori - Highlight

The Irori program is characterized by great transversality and dynamic use and from the peculiar possibility to enlarge and join the kitchen and living area.

Y Highlight

Y collection arises from the desire to break classic constituent patterns going beyond the strict base alignments, allowing an alternation of rhythms in continuous evolution.