Tailored Materials - Metalsatin

The Metalsatin finishing is a manufacturing type of coating cycle that foresees the use of paints with metal powders of various types depending on the effect created.

As follows you can see how special procedures take place to create a series of effects and reflexes similar to metal.

The available finishings are Champagne, Brass, dark Bronze, Graphite.


Starting from Monday, 4th of May, Zampieri Cucine resumes full display activity, in full compliance with the security measures for health protection of our employees.


At Zampieri Cucine are motivated and confident, with a great desire to get back at work, adopting all the measures and behaviours provided to join safety and business continuity.

Segni Up: MoodBoard

1. Island, door, groove, sink and top in White Grey finish.   2. Table in Volcano crowned Oak.  3. Tall units in pebble white lacquered finish, do...

Iron Gray

Iron Gray is a natural metamorphic stone rich in quartz that comes from North Western India. Zampieri uses the IRON GREY STONE for worktops, snack boards and backboards in XP kitchens.

XP - Materials and Finishings

Various are the materials that cover XP Colletion's panels. New materials are also introduced as far as worktops are concerned, as the Pacific Grey natural quartzite.

Segni - Design by Stefano Cavazzana

The whole pleasure of cooking, receiving, creating, surprising and socialising with Segni, is given by the spaces, fluid lines and the accurate combination of materials proposed in a wide range of ...