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Zampieri Cucine and Stefano Cavazzana: 20 years together

In 2002 Paolo Zampieri met Stefano Cavazzana. The beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.

Transition between generations and design, the artisanal experience and the search for new solutions. In 2002 when Paolo Zampieri was for a little more than a decade at the helm of the family business created by his father Gino in the 60’s, he met Stefano Cavazzana, architect and designer born in 1966 graduated from the Istituto Universitario di Architettura of Venice and with an established career in the world of design and corporate graphics.
From this meeting the first project by Stefano Cavazzana for Zampieri Cucine was born, a project that will shape the identity and the style of the company.
Axis, that’s the name of the program, will bring two great innovations: thickness and the extension to the living.
A simple and linear style, with many finishes available, enhanced by original asymmetrical open elements to insert as desired.
Since then, the collaboration between the company and Stefano Cavazzana has not stopped, and the designer created all the subsequent collections. Among these, it is worth mentioning Fifty, conceived to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Zampieri Cucine, and Segni, an homage to the Made in Italy in a kitchen that becomes the heart of the house and from which the living room develops with bookshelves, boiserie and sideboards of the Segni Living collection, designed for dynamic and contemporary environments.
Lastly, Irori, iconic Kitchen & Living program inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition, that broadens the horizons and perspectives of the living of today with this versatile collection, perfect synthesis of aesthetics and functionality where design tends to subtract the superfluous in homage to the pure beauty of lines and materials.
At the recent Salone del Mobile, Zampieri Cucine and Stefano Cavazzana presented a preview of the new Loggia concept, declined in the IN and OUT versions for indoor and outdoor, which will enter production by early 2023.

Irori - Highlight

The Irori program is characterized by great transversality and dynamic use and from the peculiar possibility to enlarge and join the kitchen and living area.

Y Highlight

Y collection arises from the desire to break classic constituent patterns going beyond the strict base alignments, allowing an alternation of rhythms in continuous evolution.

XP Highlight

With its highly technological door, the “XPlain” open elements and a new range of materials, XP gives to the heart of the house a refined and high tech look.