Download Now the New Irori Catalogue!

The New Irori Catalogue is Now Available for Download!

Zampieri expands its horizons and today’s living per#spectives with the versatile Irori collection, kitchen and living, a perfect synthesis of aesthetic and fun#ctionality where design tends to remove the superfluous in homage to the pure beauty of lines and materials.
The concept develops through building blocks which are destructured from the many compositional possibilities that promote the fluidity of aesthetics and enjoyment of the different rooms of the house. The door, with the new thick of 8 mm, is proposed with groove or with customizable handles: the two options can coexist harmoniously respecting the es#sential style of the collection.

Irori - Highlight

The Irori program is characterized by great transversality and dynamic use and from the peculiar possibility to enlarge and join the kitchen and living area.