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Claudia Scattolini for the new Exen Room Fragrance by Zampieri Cucine

We’ve added to Casa Zampieri range Exen room fragrance, created in collaboration with Fragrance Designer Claudia Scattolini.

The scent of our home says a lot about us, this is why we’ve added to Casa Zampieri range a room fragrance, to create a pleasant atmosphere able to involve all the senses.
The Fragrance Designer Claudia Scattolini guided and accompanied us on this sensory journey searching for olfactory notes that best represented our concept, up to the creation of Exen.
Keep on following us for new details about Exen by Zampieri Cucine.

Paolo Zampieri

The history of Zampieri Cucine is the tale of a generational transition, capable of maintaining the value and exclusivity of the artisanal tradition, combining it with a vision based on organizatio...

Irori - Highlight

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