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Upgrades 2020

The Upgrades 2020 catalogue follows the evolution of the most important projects of Zampieri Cucine, in order to provide a more consistent, complete and rich offer. The Y, Line and Axis collections are enriched and expanded towards the living room with the introduction of new modularities, compositional variations and stylistic details.
A careful selection of materials, finishes, technical-constructive details and new processes that further implement our furnishing programs, creating increasingly better performing environments, long-lasting and suitable for today's living needs. 

All of this is perfectly summed up in the Casa Zampieri concept, showing a refined, organised and technological kitchen that opens up to a highly customizable and trendy living room. An aesthetic-functional continuum with attention to the smallest details with the expertise of the "craft industry" that distinguishes Zampieri Cucine’s style and philosophy.