Kitchen way of living

Zampieri Exen

The concept

Scent and home

The perfume has a very strong evocative power, and it evokes the style and personality of a company. We can say that our home but also the stores can be customized with this essence that stimulates feelings of wellness, relax or instant cleansing. Thus, fragrance and diffuser become furnishing elements, creating atmospheres and giving life to a fragrance logo.

The Zampieri Cucine room fragrance aims to catch the real soul of the brand: the evolution of the fragrance notes communicates the entire values system of our company and its image emphasizing the elegance, strength, high quality and tailoring.



Claudia Scattolini

The fragrance

Fragrance Design

This project became possible thanks to the collaboration with the Fragrance Designer Claudia Scattolini, who guided us and led us in this sensory journey searching for the olfactory notes that best represent our brand, up to the creation of Exen.

A bouquet of refined notes with a bold and valuable character. The Calabrian bergamot gives a sparkling incipit that plunges into a floreal vortex of rose, magnolia, jasmine and Lily of the valley flowers. The brightness of the flowers comes with important base notes in a refined game of solid woods and grey amber, made transparent and refined by the white musk.




Marco, Chiara and Claudia

The video

Zampieri Home is a place where you can meet, stay with your family, but also the natural dimension where you receive, prepare, eat together with your friends. A beating heart, a convivial center where you can share tastes and passions