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Finishings 2020

Digital catalogue

A pdf with a range of Zampieri Collection finishes, as for example the new Microlam collection.
Looking for new materials is essential and always raise the quality standards of the company. A passionate research, the exploration of how to use new technological materials and how to use others like the wood in new and innovative ways, the infinite chances of use that marble and natural stones offer


Materiali Sartoriali


Zampieri Cucine can be distinguished for its perfect balance amongst an unique design, a forefront technology and the continuous research of innovative materials. All this always to look for the Zampieri style in customizing its products thanks to a technologically advanced production process that anyway can keep the eye of the carpenter on details.

Among the thoroughly selected materials in the wide range offered, several kinds of timber emerge as for example the silver age-old spruce,  the fossil oak, the seasoned oak; fascinating natural stones as quartzite and the Iron Grey stone typical of northwestern India. Innovative and high performing materials as concrete, eco-grout and the brand new Claywood.

Materials and essences

Sartorial materials

Endless customisation options in the exclusive corner Zampieri Lab from our retailers.



Metal finishings come from a cycle of artisanal-style paintings that includes the use of paintings with metal powder of different kinds in accordance to
the color effect to achieve.


Each stone cannot match with others of the same kind and makes any detail of the kitchen unique. Find out our essences in the Zampieri collection.