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Low-pressure, ultra thin laminate producing different kinds of effects, such as wood, resins, metals and solid colors




Ultrathin low-pressure laminates available in 18 finishes with different kind of effects.

From solid colors (Bianco seta, Canapa seta) to satin finishes (Satin Eris, Satin Centauri), from White Grey Stone to resins (Resina nebbia, Resina grigia, Resina neve, Resina canapa, Resina grafite). The Microlam selection is completed by finishes recreating wood essences (Eucalipto termico, Rovere Badia, Rovere Brown, Rovere Carbon, Rovere Terra) and metal essences (Metal, Ferro, Satin Bronze).

Microlam laminates are suited for doors, sides and backboards, but, using a thicker laminate, it is possible to build also countertops and snack bar tops.




Microlam Velvet

Ultrathin low-pressure laminates taking on an exclusive super matt and soft touch effect similar to the real velvet through a coating procedure.

This effect is achieved through a superficial polymerization, creating undetectable creases of different level. The desired opacity is obtained by triggering a widespread light reflection.

The Microlam Velvet line employs a lacquer with an excimers technology, providing the varnish desiccation with special UV lamps in absence of oxygen. It provides a very matt effect and a very high resistance to scratching (4 newton). This method also guarantees an anti-fingerprint effect, preventing unsightly fingerprint marks.




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