Multilignum is a selection of refined veneers, worked with an artisanal logic, plated on a wood and lacquered panel. Every product is processed by reference, in the distinctive mark of the high customization. The veneers of the Multilignum range are used for the realization of doors, visible side panels,back panels and snack tops, available in all the Zampieri Cucine collections.



The Multilignum collection is a range of 17 precious essences, as a result of our continuous research, a careful and tailor-made manufacturing process.

Multilignum collection is composed by Fossil Oak, Millennium Oak and Seasoned oak, in different veneers.

Fossil Oak and Millenium Oak

Fossil Oak and Millenium Oak are natural materials coming from trunks that have slid underground due to landslips of the wood over ground and have remained coiled up and protected by layers of ground of different nature for years, maybe eons.

The anaerobic ambient has inhibited the development of microorganisms, so protecting and isolating the trunk and halting the natural process of slow degradation, giving to the material an exclusive chromatic range always different, unique and unrepeatable, that is not a flaw, but represents an exclusive value.


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Seasoned Oak

Seasoned Oak comes from the recovery of old beams of houses, cabins, chalets...

It shows irregular knots, leaks and drills due to nails or woodworms, all of them witnesses of the past long life of the wood, making these pieces alike but unique, just to add value to each panel taken from the beams.

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